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Yoga Healing


There are different kinds of yoga and different ways in which yoga is presented. To me, yoga is a powerful means of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. I have used yoga to guide people to a pain-free state of mobility, wellbeing, and peace of mind that they thought were impossible for them. I invite you to listen closely to your body and mind, finding your own unique alignment, stability and strength through a personal, attentive exploration during which you are always invited to be comfortable and move at your own pace. If you are living with discomfort, pain, depression, stress, agitation, or are looking for a way to actively reconnect with yourself and your body, private yoga healing sessions may be perfect for you! 

I design each session with your goals in mind. This includes planning sequences tailored to your body with any chronic pain, tension, injuries, or physical limitations that may be affecting you. You can also use yoga sessions to learn self-regulation skills for managing stress and anxiety, or use yoga to explore your personal spirituality with tools like pranayama (breath work) and meditation. Yoga is excellent for learning to connect deeply with your body, moving through physical or emotional pain in a way that is grounded, personal, and compassionate. 

Yoga has well-documented physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. If you have chronic pain, are living with a chronic condition, or are recovering from a recent surgery, yoga can be a central part of your treatment and have rapid, powerful, and lasting effects.


The benefits of yoga include:

Physical/Health: increased mobility, better/deeper breathing, pain management, improved strength, increased flexibility, improved balance, better digestion and blood circulation


Mental/Emotional: anxiety reduction, stress management, improved focus, mental clarity, spontaneous feelings of joy, increased happiness


Spiritual: focus on one of the 8 limbs of yoga, a sutra, or an asana to deepen your understanding of yourself and how to live your most unbounded life on and off your mat by being in harmony with your deepest values

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