Ballroom Dance Healing

In my over 15 years working as a professional ballroom dancer, I found that ballroom's unique characteristics can be a powerful source of healing. I have watched ballroom dancing help people to reconnect with their bodies, move through trauma, find more joy in their lives, break through old beliefs about themselves, reconnect with play and with the joy of moving their body, and as a form of physical expression. Seeing that all this healing is possible but under-emphasized in conventional dance classes, I began working with clients, one-on-one or in couples, to make direct use of these healing benefits and created my own approach to helping people heal through ballroom dancing. 

On an individual level, learning to be balanced and confident while moving helps us find trust in ourselves and in our own body to support and take care of us. In its partnering aspect, ballroom can help us develop physical and emotional trust. Dancing with a friend, family member, or romantic partner is a powerful way to foster intimacy and experience connecting with each other in a totally different and special way. The partnering element also helps to learn give and take. In my ballroom healing sessions, everybody learns both to lead and to follow. As a leader, we learn to be clear, reliable, and to guide another person safely and comfortably, and as a follower, we learn to let go, to trust, and to allow ourselves to be guided and taken care of. Dance classes and dance studios can be intimidating, this is not that experience, this is private, gentle, healing, compassionate, and all about your joy and happiness.

Ballroom dance healing is not only a compassionate, gentle way to help you reconnect with your body and to partnership through dance, but can also be a great stepping stone to more challenging dance classes. Many of us feel blocked, stifled, or embarrassed when it comes to dancing in public, but ballroom dancing has a satisfying structural quality which leaves little room for doubt and progresses logically, allowing you to gain skill measurably and gradually. For some people, ballroom dance healing is the perfect remedy on its own, but it also combines very well with other healing modalities. No partner is necessary for a powerful healing experience to occur.

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