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I’m Mandi Lopez, a movement medicine coach with nearly two decades of experience. As a certified and registered yoga teacher and shamanic reiki practitioner, I have worked with clients from all walks of life, including those suffering from issues of self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and trauma. I have seen firsthand how difficult it is to heal and find peace, particularly when isolation seems everpresent. That is why I created my practice, Living Joy Healing Arts.

My goal is to provide people with a place where they can reconnect with themselves and reach their goals. I am a trained professional dancer in both ballroom and Latin dance as well as a certified dance instructor. Using my expertise, I crafted a unique healing modality that infuses elements of dance, breathwork for healing, meditation, emotional regulation tools, and energy healing exercises. Working with a coach on energy healing exercises that blend movement with meditation and the like, we can restore balance within the nervous system and experience a rush of endorphins for more happiness and freedom.


At Living Joy Healing Arts, I create a safe, trauma-aware space with sessions that are built on trust. The goal of my private practice is to relate with clients on a deeply personal level, allowing them to be comfortable enough to lean into the work and see amazing benefits. I have helped many clients achieve healing, peace, and connection while creating a life filled with joy.


I look forward to working together!


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