A Little About Me


Having healed from trauma and found a joy and peace that I thought were impossible, my dream is to help others who are similarly disconnected to find healing, joy, wellbeing, happiness and a way back to themselves and to being whole. I have 14 years of experience coaching, teaching, mentoring, guiding, and connecting with people.  I am a certified Shamanic Reiki practitioner, an RYT 200 yoga instructor, and professional ballroom and latin dancer.

I believe that if we can heal ourselves and live from a place of love instead of fear, we can flourish into the full person we were meant to be. I also believe that we are supposed to be happy and feel good. Not necessarily all day or all the time, but there should be joy in life! If we so choose, we can eventually use the strength of our own healing to become sources of joy and healing for our families and our communities. My vision is of empowering you to go on your own journey and being a guide along the way to support you in healing yourself by listening within and asking the questions only you can answer. You have not gotten here too late, you are right where you need to be on your healing journey. I look forward to becoming a part of that journey and helping you on the way to your highest self and your most joyful life!